YermilovCentre announces open call for summer art residency

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YermilovCentre has announced an open call for its summer art residency. ​Participants are invited for a two-week residency in Kharkiv «Perceived identities: to have or to be». The residency is open to artists of all ages, situated in any part of the world and working in any form of contemporary art. The preference will be given to research projects that involve the local community and working with the context of their own cities, Kharkiv and Ukraine, media and online projects.

Theme of residency

Сultural identity is undergoing certain changes nowadays. Losing contact with the context of one's birth, a person gets the opportunity of a large choice in self-determination. At the same time, identities that are chosen are becoming more and more short-lived, influenced by trends and image-making, in which a return “to the roots” is also possible if their culture becomes politically relevant again or gets a new meaning in the information field.

Ways of searching for one's own identity often lead us to false, perceived ways, following the standard and expected initial components of identity: race, nationality, origin. We build an un/wanted self, layering imaginary identity-idols, in order to feel more confident under their mighty shadow in a certain community and subcultural group. Remembering Erich Fromm's bipolar vision of modern society, divided into those who have and those who are, we can talk about perceived identities as appropriated, but not lived. Identity as authority and protection. Identity as an excuse. What is the mechanism of identification and self-identification? Do not our imaginary identities have the same value as the true ones?

How relevant is it to talk about national identity in the modern era of globalization and cosmopolitanization? And what comes/should come to replace national identity? How much does this concern an artist in general? Are disputes about where «artists-emigrant» belong and whom they belong to justified?

The selected participants of the project «Perceived identities: to have or to be» are invited to investigate the issue of identification, specifically, perceived self-identification and the identities they have, and those that they are using to categorize the surrounding world consciously or not.


YermilovCentre provides accommodation (hostel), materials for the project, studio for work, travel within Ukraine, photo and video documentation. Selected artists are expected to work in the centre of contemporary art YermilovCentre together with Ukrainian art residents during 2 weeks from 21st of August to 6 of September. The result of the residency is expected to be a realization of personal or group project in the frame of art residency in YermilovCentre or in the space of city (by prior agreement).

 To apply for the art residency please send following documents to

— CV and portfolio;

— Motivation letter (appr. 1 page);

—  Short description of project idea.

Deadline: 30 of June, 2017
Notification time: mid of July, 2017
Dates of art residency: 21st of August to 6 of September, 2017