Second SWAP UK/Ukraine Artist Residency Programme opens call for British and Ukrainian artists


Second SWAP UK/Ukraine Artist Residency Programme opens call for British and Ukrainian artists

The British Council in Ukraine, Liverpool Biennial and Ukrainian partner institutions: Mystetskyi Arsenal, Izolyatsia. Platfrom for Cultural Initiatives, 33 Soshenko Art Studios, YermilovCentre, Kharkiv Municipal Art Gallery — are delighted to launch the second iteration of SWAP: UK/Ukraine Artist Residency Programme, aiming to connect artists from Ukraine and the UK and support their professional development and internationalisation. As in its first year, the programme is also designed to give artists the time to research, reflect and explore the UK/Ukraine’s vast artistic traditions.

This year, the programme is open to 4 Ukraine-based artists looking to spend up to 45 days in a Liverpool-based residency curated by the Liverpool Biennial team in September-October 2017; and to 4 UK-based artists who would spend up to 45 days in one of the residency programmes hosted by British Council partners in Ukraine in August-September (Kharkiv) and September-October 2017 (Kyiv).

The Liverpool residencies offer Ukrainian artists the opportunity to develop their practice within the vibrant art scene of the city. Artists will be provided with travel, accommodation, a studio, per diems and a stipend for research. The selection panel is looking for ground-breaking artists whose practice complements the ethos of Liverpool Biennial, the upcoming 2018 edition of which is titled Beautiful world, where are you? It will be the tenth edition of the Liverpool Biennial, marking two decades of presenting international art in the city and region. This UK residency is delivered in collaboration with Liverpool Biennial’s partners Bluecoat, FACT and Open Eye Gallery. 

Meanwhile, residencies for the UK-based artists in Ukraine continue to engage with the most innovative and experimental visual arts’ initiatives across the country. In 2017, four British Council partners offer the residencies for the British artists: YermilovCentre and the Municipal Art Gallery in Kharkiv, and 33 Soshenko Art Studios and Izolyatsia. Platform for Culture Initiatives in Kyiv.

Professional artists or arts students in their last year are eligible for the residencies on both sides. All applications should be submitted in English, and all applicants should treat English as a working language for the programme. The call is open till 30 June 2017, and the winners will be announced on 10 July 2017. Residencies in Ukraine and the UK will take place over August-October 2017. Organisers will cover expenses on the residencies, including visas, travel, accommodation, and stipends. Artists will be expected to give a presentation on their stay in the residency and produce at least one piece by the end of the residency which the British Council will exhibit in Kyiv in 2017—2018 (as part of an annual exhibition in Mystetskyi Arsenal [Kyiv] to show the results of this programme).

Detailed information about these programmes, such as eligibility, application requirements, timeline, and partner organisations, can be found on our website:

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For more information, please visit You can also keep in touch with the British Council through and

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  1. Zirka wrote:

    Anne-Zoriana Savka (Zirka)

    Born in Lviv. 2000 — 2009 she studied in UC «School-Lyceum» Oriyana"", c. Lviv.

    2002 — 2008 she studied at the Art School «Children 's School of Folk Art», c. Lviv; from 2009 — 2014 studied at LSCDAA named Ivan Trush Art painting department at (Monumental Division) (junior specialist); 2014 — entered LSCDAA named Ivan Trush to the department Monumental Decorative Painting (BA). In 2016 — completed LSCDAA named Ivan Trush, 2016 — LNAA admitted to the department (monumental painting). 2012 — 2016 studied at the Catholic University (Catechetical Pedagogical Institute) Faculty Catechism.

    • 2013 — participant and winner of the exhibition-contest of creative works LSCDAA named after Ivan Trush, devoted to «Day College 2013», c. Lviv.

    2013 — joint exhibition with students and a teacher and artist Mykola Krytsʹkyy, exhibition dedicated to 200 — anniversary Taras Shevchenko Lviv State College of Decorative and Applied Arts named after Ivan Trush, c. Lviv.

    2013 — participant and winner of «Silver Wings», c. Lviv.

    • 2013 — 2014 — participant and winner in the competition «Painting walls for Children's Day» in the Shelter for Children Services for Children Lviv Regional State Administration.

    2014 — participant of the exhibition «Autumn Textures» supported by NGO «MO» texture " c. Lviv.

    2015 — participant of the exhibition «Plein air work the day Batyar» c. Lviv.

    2015 — participant of the festival UrbanExplorationLvivFest, exhibition «We — the birds» c. Lviv.

    2015 — participant of the exhibition-auction «To win with» c. Lviv.

    2015 — participant of the exhibition organized by art Lviv Youth Union «AllaPrima» «Step» c. Kirovograd.

    • 2015 — member of «School of Performance» at the Festival of Contemporary Art in Lviv.

    2015 — Member of the NGO «MO „Texture“ .

    2015 — participant in 4 seasonal plein «LVIV SEASONS 2015».

    2015 — participant and co-organizer of the NGO «MO» Texture «on the reporting plein air exhibition „LvivSeasons“.

    2015- 19th International Autumn Salon „High Castle“, at the Palace of Arts.

    International Autumn Salon „High Castle“ Lviv Ukraine.

    2015- participant of the exhibition „The Artist on the Square: Past and Present“.

    • 2015- participant of the auction „RIA Lviv“.

    2015 — participant of the exhibition „Lviv in the Eyes of Youth“.

    2015 — participant of the auction „Lviv in the Eyes of Youth“.

    2015- participant of the auction „Children's Heart“.

    2015- participant of the exhibition „AnaidArt“.

    2016- exhibiting and showing Performance „Memory Hundreds of Heaven“.

    2016 — organizer of the project „KINO9“, participant exhibitions of the project.

    • 2016 — participant of the competition in honor of commemorating Taras Dragan in LSCDAA named after Ivan Trush, drawing contest entitled „Energy of ability“, the winner in the category.

    2016 — organizer of the master class the day of St. Valentine „EkoShtuka.“

    2016 — participant of the exhibition #NEWWAVEEXHIBITION.

    2016 — organizer and participant of „Spring Textures exhibition and charity auction“.

    2016 — participant plein air „Saving Pomoryansky Castle“.

    2016 — Easter egg galleries street party for the „Easter Festival in Lviv“.

    2016 — organizer and participant plein LVIV SEASONS 2016, winner of the first stage.

    2016 — participant of XIV International Forum of artistic creativity „Golden easel“ in the footsteps of Moses Ukrainian Spirit.

    2016 — participant of the exhibition of graphics and paintings „Virtuosy“, Lviv.

    2016 — participant of the Festival in Wroclaw, Lublin «Performance Art Meeting — Wrocław».

    2016 — member galleries street festival „Lviv on the Plate“.

    2016 — member of „School of Performance“ at the Festival of Contemporary Art in Lviv.

    2016 — member of „Week of Contemporary Art“ in Lviv.

    • 2016- participation in the open air and the exhibition „Golden Horseshoe“, Lviv.

    2016 — participant of the exhibition „Lviv in the Eyes of Youth“.

    2016- participant of the exhibition „Christmas bustle“, c. Lviv.

    • Personal exhibitions:

    2016- exhibition in the gallery LNAA named after Ivan Trush „Hidden“ c. Lviv.

    • Volunteer activities:

    2015 — participant of the auction „Children's Heart“.

    2016 — painting OHMATDET clinics in all-Ukrainian action „Paint the hospital.“

    2016 — participant (master) on action „Easter fun for children.“

    2016 — participant of the festival „Celebrate the Resurrection together“.

    2016 — participant in a charity auction „And that we raise Cossack glory“. (Я на всі 100 не впевнена у перекладі, може то просто провести транслітерацію. Але, зрештою, це найоптимальніший варіант).

    2016 — chief volunteer at the festival «Yarych STREET FEST».

    2016 — volunteer painting at the festival «Breakfast at Fair Park named after Ivan Franko».

    2016 — volunteer at the festival «AlfaJazzFest» Metropolitan in gardens on display OKSANY KARAVANSKOJI.

    2016 — painting the walls of the playground on the street Lysenko 14 in Lviv.

    2016 — volunteer in the «Red Nose» of the fund «Pledge» to

    Oncology department Chernobyl hospital, c. Lviv.

    • About myself:

    LNAA named after I. Trush student (master (monumental painting)), completed LSCDAA named after I.Trush (decorative painting).

    I work in painting, performance, painting large objects really appreciate experiments and interesting effects that remain after them. Also essential activities is the organization of exhibitions, auctions, plein air, and volunteer activities.

    I am engaged in various types of Hand made, conducted master classes in painting on glass, Petrikivsky, painting and hand made (leaflets, eggs, etc.). I conduct various activities for children and adults